A trip that showcases Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and natural splendour.

This trip gives you an opportunity to explore temples and shrines of historical and archaeological interests in the medieval towns of Kathmandu valley - sights that will take you back almost 300 years in time, where feudalism ruled the day until a single man called Prithvi Narayan Shah thought differently and unified a whole nation.

Added to this will be a white water rafting at the Trishuli River and an exotic wildlife adventure at the Chitwan National park. You will get to see the massive one horned rhino, light-footed deer, an elephant breeding centre and the Royal Bengal tiger. After this trip in the wild, you will drive to Pokhara through a lush, green highway. Snowy mountains glisten in the horizon, in the course of your drive. You will pass through little hamlets and villages on the way that will give you some deep insights into Nepal's rural lifestyles. Finally you reach Pokhara, a beautiful scenic lake town where nature is amplified with the views of majestic peaks almost at touching distance, clean water lakes with boating and canoeing thrills at your service. Here you will also see some natural wonders of nature in waterfalls and gorges and at dusk, when the sun dips behind the mountains, glimpses of twilight lighten up the skies that herald the end of day. A memorable trip that stays with you for a lifetime!

Price Per: Person
Group Size:
Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights
Country: Nepal

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